Retire in Belize

Known in travel circles as "Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret", Belize is truly a tropical paradise. An exotic tropical paradise that now opens it's doors to all your dreams of new experiences. (more…)

Fly Fishing in Belize

The waters surrounding Belize is a mecca for those interested in fishing. It is abound with an ample variety of salt water fishing and our beautiful island (South Water Caye) boasts one of the best destination for flat, bone, permit and tarpon fishing. (more…)

Cultural Arts of Belize

One of the most popular types of wood used is mahogany, but other woods are used as available as well. Many vendors will set up tables in market places and other public areas to sell their wares. Some wood carvings can be pretty rudimentary, but others can be quite elaborate....

Belizeans Love Lobster

If you love the succulent sweet taste of wild caught lobster book you tickets now! Mid-June marks the opening of lobster season and here at Blue Marlin we always serve the freshest caught in the wild Caribbean Lobster (more…)

Belize’s Rainforest

Our natural pharmacy: The knowledge and practice of traditional medicine in Belize is as diverse as its cultural heritage and botanical diversity. In an area that is not just home to more species of plants than most other regions on earth, but is equally rich in cultural diversity, the number...

Belize Whale Shark Diving

The whale shark is the largest shark that has it’s mouth at the very front of its head and is known to be the largest fish in the ocean. It has a wide and flat head, a rounded snout and small eyes and it’s color includes light yellow stripes and...

Belize Family Vacation

Belize is an authentic destination for travelers in search of a unique experience. From mystical Maya temples, pristine rainforests and the longest barrier reef in the western hemishphere, Belize is your perfect Central American getaway destination. (more…)

Belize Culture

Belize’s official language is English but while you are travelling around the country you will hear Mandarin, Garifuna, Kriol (English), Spanish, German, Hindi or Mopan Maya language. This is because Belize is home for a diversity of cultures. Almost all schools in Belize celebrate a Cultural Day where students from...

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