Belize Island Standard Rooms

Belize Island Standard Rooms

Sea View Standard


Seeking group accommodations for your family or friends?
The Standard Rooms are adjoining and you have the choice of upper or ground level. Originally built when the Lodge opened its doors, these rooms maintain the original charm with updated amenities including tiled floors, walk in showers, orthopaedic mattresses, and air conditioning. Situated in the center of the island as well as near the resort entrance, you will enjoy panoramic views of the palm-covered island grounds and the Caribbean Sea from your shared verandah or patio.

Lower Level

Sleeps 2

2 Doubles

2 Rooms on Island

Upper Level

Sleeps 2-4

2 Doubles or 1 King + 1 Double

2 Rooms on Island

Note: 2 Lower Level Rooms or 2 Upper Level Rooms can be booked as a 2-Bedroom Combination Unit for a family group of 4-6 people

Room Amenities

Rooms can be booked with one of our all-inclusive packages:

“The rooms were spacious, well furnished, and very clean. The views from our room, pier, and sun decks were breath taking!”
Tripadvisor review (kaseyk6)