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Divers will be amazed at the diversity of dive experiences, from drift dives, to wall dives, to reef flats dives, and pinnacle and trough dives, this is a true underwater paradise.

Our diving services are modern, professional, and safe. Our dive-masters are passionate about your safety and your fun for a one-of-a-kind un-Belizeable Caribbean diving vacation! 

Tour Details

Includes: Boat transportation, dive master, tanks, weights, belt, gear storage. Tour departs from Blue Marlin dock. Bring along certification card or proof of certification. All divers will be asked to complete a liability waiver and medical disclosure. (Note: A Dive Refresher is required if your last dive was 2 years or more ago.)

1.5 hours

8 maximum guests

Skill: Novice to Advanced

One-tank: US$107 with gear rental

One-tank: US$92 without gear rental

Two-tank: US$200 with gear rental

Two-tank: US$170 without gear rental

Dive Refresher: US$75 (re-intro to diving on the dock)

Prices do not include 12.5% local tax and 10% service charge. Departure is subject to resort availability.

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Local Dive Sites

Dive sites are generally east of the island and are typically within a 5-10 minute boat ride. 

Rosella’s Garden

Location: 0.2 nautical miles east of South Water Caye

Depth: 40-60 feet

Expertise rating: Novice

This site got its name from long- time resident of South Water Caye, our very own Ms. Rosella, the owner of Blue Marlin Resort. The dive is between two reef structures at depths ranging from 45-60 feet/14-18 meters. This site is well known for ray sightings, including southern stingrays and spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks. There is also a wide variety of tropical reef fish and a healthy population of corals. Night dive is possible in this area and would give divers the opportunity to see the splendid toafish and octopus. 

Trick Ridge

Location: 0.2 nautical miles East of Carrie Bow Caye

Depth: 40-100 feet

Expertise rating: Intermediate

Ranging from deep to shallow there are very unique coral formations at this site. It is important to monitor your depth gauge and follow your dive master. The ridge here has massive barrel sponges and cleaning stations where barracuda congregate to be cleaned by cleaner shrimps.  There are a variety of sponges, including tube and vase sponges, that attract juvenile spotted drums and other small fish.

The Abyss

Location: 2.8 nautical miles southeast of South Water Caye

Depth: 40-130 feet

Expertise rating: Intermediate

This impressive wall dive is one of the best in southern Belize. From about 40 feet a vertical wall drops into the deep blue abyss. Overhangs can be seen with beautiful black corals and several species of gorgonians. Visibility is excellent and can be up to 100 feet. Depth can be deceiving as some dips are deeper than they appear in some areas, so it is good to keep a close eye on your depth gauge on this dive.  Sightings here can include eagle rays, turtles, lobsters, nurse sharks, and schools of blue wrasse , horse eye jack and Atlantic spadefish. This dive is best in mornings at high tide.  

Long Reef

Location: 2 nautical miles south of South Water Caye

Depth: 45-100 feet

Expertise rating: Intermediate

The wall here starts at 45 feet and drops to a little over 100 feet. It then goes east a few feet before it drops into the deep blue. Crevices housing spiny lobster, spider crabs, and spotted eels can be seen along the wall at around the 60 foot rang. It is not unusual to see turtles and spotted eagle rays here as well.

Hana’s Haven

Location: 0.5 nautical miles east of South Water Caye

Expertise Rating: Intermediate

Depth: 40-80 feet

Located on the north side of South Water Caye. Named after a professor from the University of Minnesota, visiting Blue Marlin for 20 years. Range is from 40-80 feet and elkhorn coral abounds.

Parrot Reef

Location: 0.5 nautical miles east of South Water Caye

Expertise Rating: Intermediate

Depth: 40-80 feet

Here you will find an abundance of parrot fish and other grazing reef fish. Range is from 40- 80 feet.

“The sea life is abundant and the coral colorful. The visibility was often 100 feet... Every dive had at least one, and generally many more, great photo opportunities. Hawksbill and loggerhead turtles, nurse sharks, cleaning stations of fish or shrimp, spotted drum, schooling and individual spotted eagle rays, southern rays, huge schools of spadefish, creole wrasse, healthy coral, many lobster, and one dive, five large green moray, three free swimming”
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