Sailing in Belize

Belize has the largest living Barrier Reef in the world and the largest contiguous stretch of rainforest north of the Amazon. Aside from the incredible Barrier Reef at our front doorstep here at South Water Caye, the mainland tropical forest environment is truly a magical place with an amazing variety of plants, birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, and amphibians.

Hidden rivers and jungle waterfalls
Hidden rivers and jungle waterfalls

Hidden waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, and a plethora of tropical wildlife make our home Belize an amalgamation of some of the most unique and diverse natural environments in the world. Our beautiful island paradise base is the perfect location for exploring both the terrestrial and marine environments and all their adventures they have to offer.

Our in-house mainland guide, Ms. Julissa, will meet you at the boat and escort you to any of these exciting destinations and activities!

Here are the top 3 inland adventure zones that are easily explored in a day trip from Blue Marlin Beach in the Stann Creek District:

MAYAN KING WATERFALL, ZIPLINE and RIVER TUBING –located on over 50,000 acres of private land, this desination is a private eco-preserve that border national parkland and agricultural zones. In the heart of the Maya Mountains and the source of the South Stann Creek, the Mayan King region is comprised of untouched jungle, beautiful rivers, and the stunning Mayan King Waterfall.

Criss-crossing the South Stann Creek (which is actually more like a river), is the country’s highest zipline. Here, you will have panoramic vistas from 11 decks and 7 lines with views that were previously available only to birds in flight. You might even see the endangered Scarlet Macaws that are know to frequent the area.

After zipping above the South Stann Creek River, you can tube down the class 2 rapids for almost 2 miles of natural Belize splendor. Discover the hidden waterfalls and swim in the clear water pool at the base nestled in the rainforest for a refreshing swim.


Within the heart of Bocawina National Park, which is run and managed by the villagers of Silk Grass, there is a stunning and wild waterfall. Hike a challenging uphill path to the top of the waterfall where you can also find a lovely pool for swimming. The truly adventurous can get an additional adrenaline rush with a rappel down to the base of the waterfall. Within the reserve there is also a small set of semi-excavated ruins of an ancient Mayan settlement.


The world’s first Jaguar Reserve is home to one of the largest wild populations of jaguars in the world. This is a massive protected area covering hundreds of thousands of acres and also housing Victoria Peak, Belize’s highest mountain other than Doyle’s Delight, which is further south and much less accessible. Victoria Peak is accessible to summit for hardcore adventurers at certain times a year with expedition style overnight hikes to the top. This protected area is managed by the Belize Audubon Society. The mountain is not particularly high on a world scale, but the humid conditions, harsh environment (poisonous plants and animals) and the surprising lack of water sources, all make for an extremely challenging trek.

For those of us looking for a more relaxing way to explore the jungle, there is the option for river tubing. You might spot a howler monkey family or a boa constrictor clinging to the trees on the riverbank. The river habitat is home to numerous birds including parrots and toucans, howler monkeys, iguana. Cockscomb is also home to jaguars, the world’s third largest feline and four other species of wildcats.

Even if you do not see them you will find evidence of many animals by their tracks in the muddy trails. This includes tapirs (also know as mountain cows), peccary (a wild boar), anteaters, and the notorious gibnut (or Royal Rat, in honor of the Queen of England being served this traditional game meat as her lunch on a royal visit to Belize). The gibnut and all the wildlife are safe in Cockscomb because every leaf, flower, bug, and rock is protected in this amazing Wildlife Sanctuary.

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